Stanhopea Intergeneric Hybrid??

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Robert Bisetto (orchidofilo australiano di origini venete) ci chiede aiuto: ha acquistato una Stanhopea ibrida… ma la cartellinatura non lo convince.
Ecco la foto e le osservazioni di Robert:
Ciao Guido, Well we’ve finally moved to Sydney, and me and Mum are well!
I’ve just recently bought a Stanhopea hybrid, BUT the seller, doesn’t know the name of the hybrid. The picture is in the attachment, and I think it’s ‘name’, is incorrect, because I’ve spoken to Leon from Hoosier Orchids, in the USA, and he does not believe it to be crossed with Gongora, but more likely a Embreea rodigasiana x Stanhopea martiana, BUT this is only a guess!
If you, or any of your friend’s, can help me, it would be much appreciated, as the flowers are STUNNING!!

Thanks Robert Bisetto

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