Martine’s Orchid Garden

M@rtine wrote us:

I’m visiting your site for the first time… Wonderful ! Unfortunately, I don’t speak Italian but I can understand some words since my native language is French… So I’ll come back more often…

Orchids Club Italia would like to welcome Martine, a french-swiss orchids lover, to this blog.
Thank you so much for sharing your interest and enthusiasm!
Stay tuned and enjoy orchids with us!

Le orchidofile, gli orchidofili di Orchids Club Italia e la redazione di danno il benvenuto a Martine’s Orchid Garden, bellissimo blog gemello franco-svizzero, con questi fiori stupendi di Stanhopea tigrina ‘superba’.

Collezione Guido De Vidi – diritti riservati
Stanhopea tigrina

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  1. M@rtine

    Thank you so much ! I’m proud and honored by your kind welcome message !

    Merci beaucoup pour votre sympathique message dont je suis fière et très honorée ! A bientôt sur ou sur mon blog !


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